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"The significant problems in our lives cannot be solved at the same level of understanding that we were at when we created them." Einstein.
have extensive experience of providing staff development in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors. My approach to training is participatory and experiential, integrating theoretical models with experiential learning in order to deepen participants personal and professional understanding.

Training and Team Development is tailored to the specific needs of individuals, groups and organisations and includes the workshops below. See below for summaries of some of the trainings on offer. Full details of training and team development days are available on request.



Stress Managment and Energy Psychology

Tailored workshops will give you opportunities to learn about the causes, symptoms and management of stress as well as learning techniques from energy psychology to help keep you in resourceful states. You will be introduced you to an approach which involves tapping on meridian acupressure points while facilitating changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The techniques can help to alleviate distressing symptoms, enabling you to feel calmer, more relaxed and confident. The techniques are simple to learn and easy to use. The workshops are participatory and whilst tackling serious issues, aim to be creative, empowering and fun.

Supporting Transitions and Change

This two day course will enable you to reflect on how you remain truthful to yourself in the face of change. We will use a series of structured exercises, creative interventions and theory to explore how you can create the changes you want in your life as well as identify ways of supporting yourself through changes happening to you. There will be opportunities to identify personal patterns in responding to change, review how you implement changes as well as completing a life planning exercise. The course is participatory and experiential.

Groupwork Skills

This 2 day course aims to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of working with groups. Participants learn about the key stages of groupwork and practise a range of facilitation skills. There are opportunities to identify practical ways to overcome problems in groups.

“The facilitator had enthusiasm & dedication and kept the group focused and engaged and created a fantastic learning environment - course content - fab.” – participant groupwork skills training

Counselling Skills

This 2 day course aims to increase confidence, understanding and skills in helping adults and young people in one to one situations. It is suitable for anyone who provides formal or informal direct support to individuals. Participants practice key listening skills, develop practical interventions and explore issues arising in one to one work.

“The course is really very helpful and informative, it helped to develop the skills and improve the work ability positively.” - Participant counseling skills training.

Working with Loss and Change

Many service users who come into contact with professionals and services have experienced multiple losses and disruptions to their lives. This course aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of the impact of bereavement, loss and change. Participants will identify ways of supporting service users to adapt to change.

Assertiveness Training

This course aims to increase confidence, understanding and skills in communicating clearly, honestly and directly.Participants will have opportunities to explore different types of behaviors, identify personal rights and responsibilities and practice ways of being assertive.

Promoting Self-esteem

This one day course provides an introduction to helping adults and young people build self esteem. It is for anyone who provides ongoing, developmental support to people with low levels of self esteem either individually or in groups. Participants explore core components of self esteem and identify practical interventions to help build self esteem.

I found it was excellent, especially the way that it was pitched to be initially introspective. I discovered a great deal about myself and ways of benefiting clients with my additional knowledge.” – Participant promoting self-esteem training.

The above training can be arranged for staff teams and can also be delivered through individual coaching. See also the supervision page.




Organisations I have provided training or consultancy for include:

Avon and Somerset Probation*

BANES Youth and Community Services*


Bradford Council*

Bridgwater Probation*

Bristol Foyer Project

Bristol Social Services*


Dhek Bahl

Exeter Drugs Project*

Footprints Childrens centre*

Safer Bristol*

Salvation Army*

Somerset Drugs Service*

Somerset Health Authority*

Off the Record

Priority Youth Housing

University West of England

Workers Educational Association

Wetherby Prison*



* Training provided through the Training Exchange, Bristol







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